[EOSIO/eos] 6 out of 36 tests failed: is that critical? (#4079)

Hi, Can you run the launcher command and paste back its output:
programs/eosio-launcher/eosio-launcher -p 1 -n 1 -s mesh -d 1 -i 2018-06-13T16:26:05.117 -f –p2p-plugin net –nodeos ‘–max-transaction-time 5000 –filter-on * –p2p-max-nodes-per-host 1’

Can you then use pgrep to check if nodeos instances are running
pgrep -a nodeos

If nodeos isn’t running can you run nodeos directly and paste its output:
rm -rf var/lib/node_bios/state/shared_memory.* var/lib/node_bios/blocks/*
programs/nodeos/nodeos –max-transaction-time 5000 –filter-on ‘*’ –p2p-max-nodes-per-host 1 –config-dir etc/eosio/node_bios –data-dir var/lib/node_bios –genesis-json ./genesis.json –genesis-timestamp 2018-05-13T16:26:05.117

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