[dashpay/dash] sendrawtransaction no longer bypasses transaction policy limits by default (#2110)

UdjinM6 commented on this pull request.

> “nSubmits raw transaction (serialized, hex-encoded) to local node and network.n”
“nAlso see createrawtransaction and signrawtransaction calls.n”
“1. “hexstring” (string, required) The hex string of the raw transaction)n”
“2. allowhighfees (boolean, optional, default=false) Allow high feesn”
“3. instantsend (boolean, optional, default=false) Use InstantSend to send this transactionn”
+ “3. bypasslimits (boolean, optional, default=false) Bypass transactions policy limitsn”

Sigh… Thanks, will include in some future “cleanup PR” 👍

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