[dashpay/dash] Implement N-of-M-like sporks (#2221)

M of N? 😉

Great idea, I’ve been thinking of this also for several months. One of the questions I have is about who determines spork key owners. DIP2 could enable a type of TX for «Spork Candidate» and MNOs could then vote on those, and if sanctioned by the network, then those candidate pubkeys (or addresses) become part of the valid N set of spork keys. That would be part of a larger spork re-engineering which includes on-chain spork votes by spork key holders.

And obviously this enables Dash to be more decentralized by allowing MNOs to elect stewards to watch over the network. I think this would be much better than something like asking MNOs to directly vote on sporks, as this ability requires both timeliness and Dash network expertise — knowledge of how each spork will affect the network.

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