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[EOSIO/eos] Can this feature/limitation of web assembly be exploited in EOS? (#5187)

I don't think this will happen on EOS, as by default it uses interpretation to execute contracts.

[EOSIO/eos] Resurface `linkauth` links in API calls (#5255)

Seconding this - without being able to see what actions auths can perform, we're blocked on building more advanced UIs for permission…

[EOSIO/eos] Transaction exception (#5271)

When I hard replay blockchain, it occurs this error ``` thread-0 controller.cpp:896 apply_block ] *trace: {"id":"83be99709df4437dbb0856695d2df532a8be99c54f727b7037cc603d8a45907b","elapsed":0,"net_usage":0,"scheduled":false,"action_traces":[],"failed_dtrx_trace":null,"except":{"code":3040000,"name":"transaction_exception","message":"Transaction exception","stack":[{"context":{"level":"error","file":"controller.cpp","line":1635,"method":"validate_referenced_accounts","hostname":"","thread_name":"thread-0","timestamp":"2018-08-16T03:58:43.999"},"format":"action's authorizing actor '${account}' does not…

[EOSIO/eos] std::bad_alloc (#5166)

Try to disable the history plugin which is probably the RAM killer.

[EOSIO/eos] std::bad_alloc (#5166)

If you have avoided this problem because you have modified some settings of config.ini, maybe it is not a solution.Maybe hiding other…

[EOSIO/eos] a plugin for querying more RAM action details (#5083)

I have ported Bancor algorithm from system contract to ram_plugin, it's used to evaluate ENU/RAM exchange rate before the real transaction actually…

[EOSIO/eos] When importing a key pair into the wallet, the wallet is unlocked, but programe show the wallet is still not unlocked (#5250)

I only kept one keosd process, but I still get an error: ![image](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/11773000/44184276-29bd0600-a141-11e8-9247-12f79af32ea3.png)

[EOSIO/eos] std::bad_alloc (#5166)

Version > OS version: Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS > nodeos version: mainnet-1.1.4 Config file click [here](https://github.com/superoneio/eos-mainnet/blob/master/config.ini). Of course, I remove some sensitive configuration…

[EOSIO/eos] std::bad_alloc (#5166)

We disable `eosio::bnet_plugin`, and everything goes well.

[EOSIO/eos] v1.2.1: Is there some change for plugin configuration? (#5270)

Dynamic exception type: boost::exception_detail::clone_impl std::exception::what: unable to find plugin: eosio::wallet_plugin