[bitshares/bitshares-core] Release version numbering discussion (#1173)

@pmconrad yes, the «BitShares 2» is out there. Personally, I never fully embraced this naming and continue to refer to the project as «BitShares». It’s likely best to have the «branding» discussion on the bitsharestalk.org forum with the broadest Community base.

@oxarbitrage Some of the recent releases may have looked like:
— Major.Minor.Patch
— Protocol.Feature.Hotfix
— 18.0.0 (July Protocol Upgrade)
— test-18.1.0 (TESTNET: August Feature Release)
— 18.0.1 (patcha)
— 18.0.4 (patchd)
— test-18.1.1 (TESTNET: August Feature Release with patchd)
— 18.1.0 (August Feature Release)
— 19.0.0 (December Protocol Release)

If anyone can review the code for HARDFORK entries, perhaps we can determine what «Protocol Version» we are currently running, else I suggest to use those above. They have no relation to «BitShares 2.0» and quickly diverge from any inferred year correlation.