[bitcoin/bitcoin] [wallet] `loadwallet` RPC — load wallet at runtime (#10740)

jnewbery commented on this pull request.

> @@ -1080,6 +1080,9 @@ class CWallet final : public CCryptoKeyStore, public CValidationInterface
/** Mark a transaction as replaced by another transaction (e.g., BIP 125). */
bool MarkReplaced(const uint256& originalHash, const uint256& newHash);

+ //! Verify wallet naming and perform salvage on the wallet if required
+ static bool VerifyWallet(std::string walletFile, bool salvage_wallet);

I agree with @promag that a WalletManager class is a good place for this in the long run.

Since this is a nit only, can we save it for a future PR.

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