[bitcoin/bitcoin] [wallet] couple of walletcreatefundedpsbt fixes (#13968)

instagibbs commented on this pull request.

> @@ -4718,7 +4717,12 @@ UniValue walletcreatefundedpsbt(const JSONRPCRequest& request)
CAmount fee;
int change_position;
CMutableTransaction rawTx = ConstructTransaction(request.params[0], request.params[1], request.params[2], request.params[3]);
— FundTransaction(pwallet, rawTx, fee, change_position, request.params[4]);
+ // Make a copy and edit replaceability in-place
+ UniValue params_copy(request.params[4]);
+ if (!request.params[3].isNull()){
+ params_copy.pushKV(«replaceable», request.params[3].get_bool());

Perhaps I can reverse my decision and only use the option’s version.

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