[bitcoin/bitcoin] [wallet] Add wallet name to log messages (#12992)

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Nice job @PierreRochard! Tested ACK 553b1a7. Feedback is not critical, feel free to ignore it.

> @@ -1198,6 +1198,11 @@ class CWallet final : public CCryptoKeyStore, public CValidationInterface

/** Whether a given output is spendable by this wallet */
bool OutputEligibleForSpending(const COutput& output, const CoinEligibilityFilter& eligibility_filter) const;
+ template

A minor improvement could be to separate logging from the wallet interface by (i) implementing `WalletLogPrintf` as a non-member function; or (ii) implementing a `CWallet::GetDebugString(…)`-like method that returns the debug string, which can be passed to the `LogPrintf` macro.

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