[bitcoin/bitcoin] [tests] improvements to slow unit tests (#13050)

MarcoFalke commented on this pull request.

> bool spendsCoinbase = i == 0; // only first tx spends coinbase
// If we don’t set the # of sig ops in the CTxMemPoolEntry, template creation fails
— mempool.addUnchecked(hash, entry.Fee(LOWFEE).Time(GetTime()).SpendsCoinbase(spendsCoinbase).FromTx(tx));
— tx.vin[0].prevout.hash = hash;
+ mempool.addUnchecked(hash, entry.Fee(LOWFEE).Time(GetTime()).SpendsCoinbase(spendsCoinbase).FromTx(cTx));

I believe this will calculate all hashes again, which is why I removed this method, which is why this no longer compiles.

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