[bitcoin/bitcoin] Run the CI lint stage on mac and linux both (#13728)

This helps ensure ongoing compatibility with BSD bash as well as GNU bash.

Lint BSD is run after successful test completion to avoid delaying test results.
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— Commit Summary —

* build: Make lint-locale-dependence.sh work with BSD grep (avoid empty subexpressions)
* Fix shellcheck SC2207 Prefer mapfile or read -a to split command output
* Fix shellcheck SC2206 Quote to prevent word splitting
* Fix shellcheck SC2230 which is non-standard
* Fix shellcheck SC1087 Use braces when expanding arrays
* Disable shellcheck SC1117 Prefer explicit escaping: «\\n».
* Run the CI lint stage on mac and linux both

— File Changes —

M .travis.yml (38)
M autogen.sh (4)
M contrib/devtools/gen-manpages.sh (2)
M contrib/install_db4.sh (2)
M contrib/verifybinaries/verify.sh (2)
M share/genbuild.sh (4)
M test/lint/lint-circular-dependencies.sh (2)
M test/lint/lint-locale-dependence.sh (4)
M test/lint/lint-shell-locale.sh (2)
M test/lint/lint-shell.sh (3)

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