[bitcoin/bitcoin] Refactoring CRPCCommand with enum category (#13945)

isghe commented on this pull request.

> @@ -187,11 +187,11 @@ std::string CRPCTable::help(const std::string& strCommand, const JSONRPCRequest&
if (strHelp.find(‘\n’) != std::string::npos)
strHelp = strHelp.substr(0, strHelp.find(‘\n’));

— if (category != pcmd->category)
+ if (category != rpccategory::Label(pcmd->category))

done in two steps: the first in 3a61034793287b1d23655d32fe55d14aba768a91 and the second in d8e5619c9242943e2ae1cfba9c96230965d17c0b, because I consider the first a refactoring, and the second a fix. I had to handle the uninitialized state of `RPCCategory category` and I left the output exactly the same we had before of this refactoring (not adding a new empty line at the beginning)