[bitcoin/bitcoin] Refactoring CRPCCommand with enum category (#13945)

isghe commented on this pull request.

> +
+std::string Label(const RPCCategory category)
+ switch (category) {
+ case RPCCategory::BLOCKCHAIN: return «blockchain»;
+ case RPCCategory::CONTROL: return «control»;
+ case RPCCategory::GENERATING: return «generating»;
+ case RPCCategory::HIDDEN: return «hidden»;
+ case RPCCategory::MINING: return «mining»;
+ case RPCCategory::NETWORK: return «network»;
+ case RPCCategory::RAWTRANSACTIONS: return «rawtransactions»;
+ case RPCCategory::UTIL: return «util»;
+ case RPCCategory::WALLET: return «wallet»;
+ case RPCCategory::ZMQ: return «zmq»;
+ case RPCCategory::TEST: return «test»;
+ // if you are missing a case, you’ll have a warning here

done in fa6d149eb264e8594eabbe1f6bd31b7ca5dd0a66