[bitcoin/bitcoin] PSBT key path cleanups (#13723)

This PR adds «key origin» (master fingeprint + key path) information to what is exposed from `SigningProvider`s, allowing this information to be used by the generic PSBT code instead of having the RPC pull it directly from the wallet.

This is also a preparation to having PSBT interact with output descriptors, which can then directly expose key origin information for the scripts they generate.
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— Commit Summary —

* Introduce KeyOriginInfo for fingerprint + path
* Make SigningProvider expose key origin information
* Generalize PublicOnlySigningProvider into HidingSigningProvider
* [MOVEONLY] Move ParseHDKeypath to utilstrencodings
* Implement key origin lookup in CWallet
* Pass HD path data through SignatureData

— File Changes —

M src/rpc/rawtransaction.cpp (15)
M src/script/sign.cpp (40)
M src/script/sign.h (47)
M src/utilstrencodings.cpp (40)
M src/utilstrencodings.h (3)
M src/wallet/rpcwallet.cpp (89)
M src/wallet/test/psbt_wallet_tests.cpp (2)
M src/wallet/wallet.cpp (25)
M src/wallet/wallet.h (3)

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