[bitcoin/bitcoin] Prune more aggressively during IBD (#12404)

@n1bor for [my own project on AWS](https://medium.com/provoost-on-crypto/bitcoin-core-lightning-rails-on-aws-ad3bd45b11e0), I also use the strategy of doing IBD on a fast machine (`i3.2xlarge`). Anything with > 10 GB RAM to prevent the cache from flushing and a disk big enough to avoid pruning (doesn’t have to be SSD). The bigger disk is ephemeral and goes away after you downgrade to a regular instance type, so I do a manual prune at the end and copy the data to the persistent disk.

I’ll look into [Cold HDD (sc1) Volumes](https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/EBSVolumeTypes.html#EBSVolumeTypes_sc1) for that project, because it `c-lightning` doesn’t fully love pruned nodes yet, but that’s off topic…

But you don’t have that luxury on a physical machine like the various [Rasberry / Orange / Nano] Pi’s out there. So it’s quite useful if IBD performed better on a constrained machines. Also, even that price point pruning still saves $5 a month in storage at the current chain size.

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