[bitcoin/bitcoin] .gitignore makes git ignore gen.cpp, Makefiles and patches (#13590)

Apologizes for taking time to answer.
I stumbled into this when forking the code outside of github.
I cloned the project, then I removed the .git folder, then I added all files into a new repository I created elsewhere.
Of course, there is a better way to do this. Nonetheless, this is where I noticed that there where missing files from the new repository and then I realized that this happened because of the contents of .gitignore.
If this is intentional, then please disregard this issue.
Still, I am a bit confused though — if someone makes changes to the mentioned files, they won’t be updated (included in a commit). Are they not meant to be updated? Are the Makefiles generated elsewhere somehow?
Many thanks for taking your time to address this, I really appreciate it!

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