[bitcoin/bitcoin] Dandelion transaction relay (BIP 156) (#13947)

practicalswift commented on this pull request.

> @@ -399,6 +399,7 @@ void SetupServerArgs()
gArgs.AddArg(«-bantime=«, strprintf(«Number of seconds to keep misbehaving peers from reconnecting (default: %u)», DEFAULT_MISBEHAVING_BANTIME), false, OptionsCategory::CONNECTION);
gArgs.AddArg(«-bind=«, «Bind to given address and always listen on it. Use [host]:port notation for IPv6», false, OptionsCategory::CONNECTION);
gArgs.AddArg(«-connect=«, «Connect only to the specified node; -connect=0 disables automatic connections (the rules for this peer are the same as for -addnode). This option can be specified multiple times to connect to multiple nodes.», false, OptionsCategory::CONNECTION);
+ gArgs.AddArg(«-dandelion», strprintf(«Probability to extend the stem in Dandelion transaction relay by one hop (default: %d, 0 to disable dandelion)», DEFAULT_DANDELION_STEM_PERCENTAGE), false, OptionsCategory::CONNECTION);

I was thinking about this as well: normally I’d expect a probability parameter to be in the range `[0.0, 1.0]`. Are we trying to be consistent with other parameters taking probabilities as `[0, 100]` here, or what is the rationale? :-)