[bitcoin/bitcoin] configurable ZMQ message limit (#13315)

@jmcorgan ,
it has a been a few months, and I have not seen your PR.
As I told you also in private, I welcome any improvement.
However, your comment: «ensure that there were no performance impact or other side effects on bitcoind operation from malicious or poorly executing clients» tells me that you don’ t really understand how ZMQ works, since (when implemented correctly) these are completely separated processes.
Anyone with a basic knowledge of such messaging systems knows that the main goal of these ‘separation of concerns’ (messaging systems) is to prevent having an impact on client/3rdparty processes (in this case, bitcoind). The performance of the client simply does not affect the server (bitcoind).
(again, not talking about network performance here, as pointed out earlier).

From here it seems you wanted to claim ownership over this part of the code. Which fine with me — really.- (I don’t even use my own name. take all the credit if you want…). But now it seems any progress on this part is halted by you, for unknown reasons.

so… code or it didn’t happen ;)