[bitcoin/bitcoin] configurable ZMQ message limit (#13315)

@FeedTheWeb Your understanding of how to motivate others to do free work to your liking seems lacking.

You made a pull request, and when I reviewed and suggested simple changes that would be needed, you immediately gave up.

I offered to do it, and when it wasn’t done in the time frame you wanted, you then made odd claims about my level of understanding of something completely unrelated to either the feature needed or the feedback I gave you on your PR.

You’re also saying that I want to «claim ownership» of this section of code. I’ve done nothing of the sort, of course.

The code to allowing the high water mark to be configurable is easy, and the choosing the default value is something that can be discussed here for consensus by interested parties. Again, if you want to contribute, feel free to continue what you started earlier, and be prepared to address feedback until those with merge rights deem it acceptable to introduce into the tree and maintain it thereafter.

Otherwise, your attitude is baffling and not very effective at bringing about the changes you want to see through the volunteer effort of other people.