[bitcoin/bitcoin] Can the default «minrelayfee» be decreased from 1 sat/B to 0.1 sat/B? The default value is too high at this moment. (#14012)

I have noticed that in the past weeks the mempool has been very empty and usually all transactions can get through with no problems, even the ones that eventually have feerates smaller than 1 sat/B as the mempool gets completely empty.

Therefore, I have set launched bitcoin with the relevant option `bitcoind -minrelayfee=0` but I am still not getting any transaction with a feerates smaller than 1 sat/B. I think this is because the nodes I am connected to don’t relay transactions with feerates smaller than the 1 sat/B default. Can this default be changed to a lower value as the fees are lower now? There is an option to limit the total amount of the mempool so I think there would be no problem is this default was decreased to, say, 0.1 sat/B.

Alternatively, is there any node I can connect to that relays lower fees than the default?