[bitcoin/bitcoin] Add scantxoutset RPC method (#12196)

> total_amount doesn’t include unconfirmed funds, maybe add a flag to show those?

This should be done in a separate command (`scanmempool` which would be a great follow up).

> a minimum block height / date for faster scans (if only to make RPC dev lives happier)

Not possible AFAIK. We scan the UXTO set, not blocks.

> it would be really cool to sweep using an xpriv (with or without importing keys)

IMO the command should not include any private keys. Ideally we add xpriv support similar to this command to signrawtransaction.
But I agree that this would be a great.

> rawsweep should have an option to make 1 transaction per output

Maybe, but could/should be added later.

> I’m assuming that calling rawsweep without the optional address field makes it use the wallet? (if so, that should be in the help)

No. This command is totally de-coupled from the wallet (runs without wallet).

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