[bitcoin/bitcoin] Add PSBT documentation (#13941)

sipa commented on this pull request.

> + can be used at any point in the workflow to merge information added to
+ different versions of the same PSBT. In particular it is useful to combine the
+ output of multiple Updaters or Signers.
+- **`decodepsbt`** is a diagnostic utility RPC which will show all information in
+ a PSBT in human-readable form, as well as compute its eventual fee if known.
+### Workflows
+#### Multisig with multiple Bitcoin Core instances
+Alice, Bob, and Carol want to create a 2-of-3 multisig address. They’re all using
+Bitcoin Core.
+- All three call `getnewaddress` to create a new address; call these addresses
+ *Aalice*, *Abob*, and *Acarol*.

For the individual `getnewaddress` calls it doesn’t matter, as they only communicate the pubkey anyway. For `addmultisigaddress` I’ve added a comment.

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