[bitcoin/bitcoin] Add PSBT documentation (#13941)

sipa commented on this pull request.

> +- All three now run `addmultisigaddress 2 [«Kalice»,»Kbob»,»Kcarol»]` to teach
+ their wallet about the multisig script. Call the address produced by this
+ command *Amulti*.
+- They also run `importaddress «Amulti» «» false` to make their wallets treat
+ payments to *Amulti* as contributing to the watch-only balance.
+- Others can verify the produced address by running
+ `createmultisig 2 [«Kalice»,»Kbob»,»Kcarol»]`, and expecting *Amulti* as
+ output. This command won’t enable them to initiate transactions later,
+ however.
+- They can now give out *D* as address others can pay to.
+Later, when *V* BTC has been received on *Amulti*, and Bob and Carol want to
+move the coins in their entirety to address *Asend*, with no change. Alice
+does not need to be involved.
+- One of them — let’s assume Carol here — initiates the creation. She runs
+ `walletcreatefundedpsbt [] {«Asend»:V} 0 false {«subtractFeeFromOutputs»:[0]}`,


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