[bitcoin/bitcoin] Add PSBT documentation (#13941)

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> +
+- All three call `getnewaddress` to create a new address; call these addresses
+ *Aalice*, *Abob*, and *Acarol*.
+- All three call `getaddressinfo X`, with *X* their respective address, and
+ remember the corresponding public keys. Call these public keys *Kalice*,
+ *Kbob*, and *Kcarol*.
+- All three now run `addmultisigaddress 2 [«Kalice»,»Kbob»,»Kcarol»]` to teach
+ their wallet about the multisig script. Call the address produced by this
+ command *Amulti*. They may be required to explicitly specify the same
+ addresstype option each, to avoid constructing different versions due to
+ differences in configuration.
+- They also run `importaddress «Amulti» «» false` to make their wallets treat
+ payments to *Amulti* as contributing to the watch-only balance.
+- Others can verify the produced address by running
+ `createmultisig 2 [«Kalice»,»Kbob»,»Kcarol»]`, and expecting *Amulti* as

Since `createmultisig` and `addmultisigaddress` may use different address types, you probably will need to add a comment here that different address types may be needed in order to get the correct address.

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