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As a first step for CDEC-500, factor out shared example datatypes, so that
I can add `Address` tests without duplicating code.

Commit message:
The `Bi` & `Json` modules had a number of datatypes which were shared
and could be factored out. This commit pulls them out into the
`ExampleHelpers` module.

I currently import the `ExampleHelpers` unqualified and without an
import list — this goes against the guidelines but seems ok to me in a
test module.

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^ this is a minor PR; not putting it in the CHANGELOG.

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^ refactoring, so existing tests should verify correctness.
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— Commit Summary —

* [CDEC-500] Factor out example datatypes from Json+Bi tests

— File Changes —

M core/cardano-sl-core.cabal (1)
M core/test/Test/Pos/Core/Bi.hs (510)
A core/test/Test/Pos/Core/ExampleHelpers.hs (639)
M core/test/Test/Pos/Core/Json.hs (127)
M core/test/cardano-sl-core-test.cabal (1)

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